Quickly monitor the quality of goods at point of sale in any location around the UK


Use the analysis provided on our KernelFood platform to spot trends and implement targeted improvements

Flexible Inspection Programmes That Deliver Confidence

The Service

Our team visit your points of sale and carry out comprehensive inspections against a specified brief and standard.

Product quality is measured, generating high quality and detailed data on compliance. This will include common criteria such as freshness, handling and chill damage, specification compliance, labelling and packaging.

The data is presented by email and online via KernelFood, allowing you and your team to run analysis on products, suppliers and regions where quality is not meeting the standards you expect.

The Results

The inspections create visibility of product quality throughout your business and across multiple outlets.

By assessing and benchmarking the products, you can analyse exactly where quality is being compromised and make specific, targeted improvements.

The data you collect on KernelFood can be shared with all stakeholders, allowing improvements to be implemented.

Have a better quality product in-store

Typical Products

  • Fresh Produce
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Cut Flowers
  • Prepped Produce
  • Non Food


  • Retail
  • Pub Cos
  • Hotels
  • Caterers
  • Restaurant Groups

Case Study

FSL assess the quality of selected fresh fruit and vegetables on behalf of a UK retailer, measuring the samples against both specifications and a competitor product. The data allows the client to understand their position in the market and implement improvements.