Discover whether your products are displayed exactly as you need to maximise sales


Use our national team and powerful reporting to identify issues and make corrections to improve displays and drive sales.


Flexible Inspection Programmes That Deliver Confidence

The Service

Inspections are scheduled at selected stores, restaurants or other outlets. During the inspections, we will assess your displays against the agreed standard.

That standard will include those factors which define your displays, such as product placement, availability, labelling and packaging, conformance with required layout in fridges or display units and general product presentation.

Data and reporting is presented by email and online via KernelFood, allowing you to run analysis on a store, product or regional basis to implement improvements.

The Results

Make measurable improvements in product display standards.

Our national team will allow you to quickly determine complaince to your expected brand standards.

The data will then allow you to identify where your organisation has improvements necessary and any training or procedural needs.

Use the data to drive improvements in display performance at point of sale.

Presenting a better product to your customers.

Typical Products

  • Any products displayed at point of sale or served to a customer


  • Retail
  • Suppliers to Retail
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Caterers

Case Study

During nationwide inspections for a retailer, FSL assessed quality, the location of flower bouquets in displays, stock levels, product management in-store and labelling. The client identified training needs and improved presentation standards for a key product.