Case Study

Retail fresh Produce Quality

Region: UK Wide

Sector: National Multiple Retailer

"Inspection and assessment of the quality of fresh produce on display in store for UK retailer."

checking quality of fresh produce at supermarket
The Brief

Our client was concerned that the quality of fresh produce on display in stores was not as high as it could be, and that quality deteriorated between delivery to depot and final placement on shelves in stores. With a growing customer base, and with fresh produce being a high priority driver of growth, it was essential that customer perceptions of in-store quality were not compromised by what was on display.


The Project

FSL purchase a random selection of samples from selected stores all over the UK, purchasing fresh produce for quality assessment off site. Products are inspected destructively for all aspects of the quality specifications, including the visible elements of quality such as damage, mould, rots, colour, and then for criteria that require measurement such as weight, size, sugar content and ripeness.

Good quality bananas in store 

The Benefits


Through these inspections, the client has developed an independent picture of in-store quality of fresh produce, available online to the whole business. This is used by the purchasing, quality and retail operations teams.


This knowledge has allowed our client to address those quality issues with the relevant parties, whether it be with suppliers, distribution or in-store operations, putting measures in place to correct any problems being seen during the inspections.


These measures have allowed the client to demonstrate a clear and measurable improvement in quality of fresh produce on display in store. This helps them to deliver a better product to their customers.

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