Fresh Produce Quality Dashboard


Regular assessment of fresh produce quality against your KPIs
Use our Fresh Produce Quality Dashboard to analyse data and identify areas for improvement
All data is collected through our independent 3rd party fresh produce quality inspections
Build a powerful fresh produce quality database


Fresh Produce Compliance To Spec

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What You Get:

A powerful set of analytical tools to support your food management and purchasing teams.

A data platform which is constantly available, from any location, showing you performance against quality KPIs.

Data is generated by 3rd party quality inspections on your fresh produce, at locations to suit you.

Identify key defects and causes
Detailed Product Analysis
Tomato 6kg - Box Weight Analysis


Fresh Produce Quality Dashboard:

Monitor your supply chain against KPIs that you set

All of your data is presented online, with multiple users and varying levels of access as needed

Use as a management tool for all parties involved in fresh produce quality within your business

  • Supplier performance
  • Product performance
  • Defects found
  • Countries of origin
  • Supply chain locations

Identify quality issues and effect improvements

Fresh Produce Data:

Your quality data is stored securely online and always available

Reporting can be set up online for suppliers to view performance

Over time you build up a food quality database that is independent and always available

The frequency of quality inspections can be changed to generate more or less information as necessary

The Quality Inspection:

The data is generated through our 3rd party inspections

Our team of inspectors cover the whole country, and are all experienced in fresh produce quality assessment

Your fresh produce is assessed against all criteria laid out in your specifications

Products can be assessed either non-destructively within the supply chain

Or destructive testing for more details readings where appropriate, such as brix, pressure and internal quality