Case Study

Food Operation Temperature Collection and Monitoring

Region: UK Wide

Sector: National Food Distribution Company

"Taking temperatures at key stages within the distribution chain, and collecting temperature data from other monitoring devices and locations"

Warehouse picking and handling of fresh produce
The Brief

The client was aware of the risks of temperature control on high care food products could lead to risks to health, and could potentially be damaging to the reputation of their own clients.  As such, FSL were asked to put in place a project to monitor both environment and product temperatures at all stages of the distribution chain while the products were within the client's responsibility.  The aim was to identify any areas where temperature control was not perfect, and allow the customer to put in the appropriate corrective actions.


The Project

FSL placed inspectors at all of the key locations, from goods in at warehouses, on the road with delivery vehicles and at point of delivery at the back door of client outlets.  Temperatures were taken at key intervals, using controlled processes and calibrated equipment.  Temperatures records were also collected from warehouse units, the client's own goods in records, and vehicle temperature logs while out on delivery runs.  The huge volume of data was then collated into simple and easy to digest reports which allowed the business to see at a glance any areas where their target temperatures were exceeded.

Handling of food in warehouse 

The Benefits


The client was able to demonstrate the degree to which their temperature controls were being observed, and foster confidence from their clients.


Areas where staff training was required to allow for increased compliance to their internal procedures were identified, with the independent nature of the data allowing the business as a whole to accept the recommendations


Over the course of the project, the client was able to make a demonstrable improvement to the organisation's adherence to their target temperature controls.

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