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Take a look at a recent project completed to monitor the quality of mangoes arriving in the UK from an African grower, destined for markets around the UK and Europe.

This morning we produced our new Monthly Product Report, based on the data generated by our fortnightly benchmarking inspections.  For those who have not come across this before now, we purchase a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables from a selection of the biggest retailers in the UK, and carry out quality inspections to assess the products for all of the most common quality criteria to determine what the level of quality is once produce reaches consumers. 

What did June reveal?

Our report for weeks 24 and 26 had fairly consistent scores of 92.67% and 91.63% respectively.  There was a total of 37 downgrades found across the two inspections.

What did we find during March?

Our report for March is now live and is once again, very interesting.  A national retail average score of 91.91%, where 39 items of fresh produce were downgraded in total across our 2 inspections.

An analysis of food quality benchmarking

We've just concluded the first year of fresh produce quality benchmarking, so it seems a good time to take a look at the data to see what it tells us about the last year in fresh produce. Should you be unaware of the process, we've been purchasing around 50 items of fresh produce from 5 different retailers every fortnight for the past 12 months.