A great deal of work goes in to making sure our arrival surveys and loss assessments on fresh produce deliver precisely the right data in the shortest possible lead time.  If you have need of fresh produce surveyors for quality inspections on consignments on arrival in the United Kingdom, we have aimed to make our service hit the mark in these areas:

  • Speed of inspection
  • Quality of the data
  • Dependable measurements
  • Reporting you can access yourself from anywhere

Here are a few ways in which we strive to do this.  Often the hardest work takes place before our inspector is even on site.

The Team

Our clients deliver all around the United Kingdom, so we need to be able to respond all over the United Kingdom in the shorted possible time frame.  That is why our team of inspectors are selected to give us strong national coverage.  No matter whether you are shipping to Paddock Wood or Spalding, we can typically get an inspector on site the same day or the following day, depending on what time you contact us.

All of those inspectors have detailed knowledge of fresh produce, and will usually be conducting multiple inspections and surveys through the week on produce along.

The Training

Every member of our inspection team has a food handling background.  On top of this, they have been trained in FSL sampling and inspection processes and undergone shadow training inspections before carrying out any solo fieldwork.  This is one of the ways in which we ensure a consistent approach nationwide, no matter who carries out your survey.

Our team will also make use of our detailed procedures, giving guidelines on all aspects of our inspection activities.  These procedures have been developed over 20 years to ensure we gather the best quality and most dependable data possible.

Our systems are designed to ensure that all data is both consistent nationally and completely reliable

The Equipment

 Our team carry a standard set of equipment, from iPads for data collection, through to penetrometers and refractometers to record the detailed survey results you need on your fresh produce.  All of our equiment is sourced centrally, monitored by our Technical Team and calibrated where necessary.  This means you can treat all of our data with confidence.

The Inspection Process

 All of our fresh produce inspections are carried out using the same meticulous standards.  This governs all of the following elements of the inspection:

  • The Location
  • The Produce to be Inspected
  • The Sample Rate (based on ISO 874)
  • The Measurements to be Taken
  • The Details to Be Recorded
  • The Level of Detail in the Data
  • Photographic Evidence Required

These processes ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you can be confident that you will get the level of consistency and detail you need in your survey report.

Our clients use the reports both to support claims when there are damages, and to monitor and improve quality through a season

The Data and Reporting

All of our data is recorded in great detail and stored digitally.  Our surveyors enter data digitally, submit it to our databases, where it is checked by a colleague and made live to the clients.  Because all reporting is available online as soon as it is made live, you do not have to wait for us to create reports and send them to you, they can simply be accessed at your convenience via KernelFood.  KernelFood is our very own online reporting platform, developed over the past 5 years to deliver data and analysis as the click of a mouse.

The Results

Our clients receive comprehensive and independent data, whenever they need it, measuring the level of quality their fresh produce was in when it arrived.  That data is presented in reports and analysis online, allowing our clients to access it anywhere, and share it with any colleagues and clients they wish to.  The reports will support claims due to damages when required, or can be used to monitor and improve quality through a season.