Every week, here at FSL we carry out quality benchmarking inspections on a variety of fresh produce.  This covers the typical elements of quality that you would expect, along with the different size / origin / weight data that can be ascertained from the product packaging.  But we would love to know what else the industry at large wants to know....

We are very interested to know what sort of data our colleagues in the wider industry need and use when it comes to fresh produce, so why not drop us a line with a request.  Might be a particular product, or might be a particular piece of data for a range of products, or might be something relating to product packaging, sourcing or merchandising.  If it relates to fresh produce, then we are interested.

How To Enter

If you drop us a line via our website (use the form below), email or a message on any of our social media channels, we will select one at random on April 16th an provide a report completely free of charge, using as much data as we can access or generate as part of our ongoing benchmarking inspections.

No absolute requirement to 'like' or 'share' in order to win, but of course we will be announcing the successful request on those very channels, so it remains the best way to keep yourself in the loop. All of the necessary links can be found at the bottom of the page.