Food Quality Blog

A great deal of work goes in to making sure our arrival surveys and loss assessments on fresh produce deliver precisely the right data in the shortest possible lead time.  If you have need of fresh produce surveyors for quality inspections on consignments on arrival in the United Kingdom, we have aimed to make our service hit the mark in these areas:

  • Speed of inspection
  • Quality of the data
  • Dependable measurements
  • Reporting you can access yourself from anywhere

Here are a few ways in which we strive to do this.  Often the hardest work takes place before our inspector is even on site.

Every week, here at FSL we carry out quality benchmarking inspections on a variety of fresh produce.  This covers the typical elements of quality that you would expect, along with the different size / origin / weight data that can be ascertained from the product packaging.  But we would love to know what else the industry at large wants to know....

Facebook has, quite rightly, been getting into hot water recent for the way in which it has handled and shared its most valuable resource: data.  While we were all aware in a general, non-specific way, that they were collecting our personal data, and that we should probably take a look at our privacy settings, it seems from the reactions over the last couple of weeks that not many of us really considered how much use (or misuse) vast quantities of personal data could be put to.  Data is getting a bit of a bad rep.  But that doesn't mean we shouldn't all be taking advantage of one of the most powerful tools available to us.  Although we should probably find more positive ways to use it as a force for good, or at least just for the improvement of our businesses.  Here are a few ways in which our clients are taking advantage of superior data.

Our business is not selling software, or a platform of any sort.  Our business is in fact carrying out food quality inspections.  Inspection of all kinds, on a great variety of food products and food premises.  That said, because we generate huge quantities of data each week (actually, each day), and need to manage and present it in an efficient way, we've ended up building a platform. 

I recently had cause to take a look through some of the reports for loss assessment surveys we’ve carried out over the last few years for some of our clients in the fresh produce industry.  Being struck by the range of fresh produce our surveyors have been asked to inspect, I ended up going a little further and discovered a few interesting facts not only about our business, but about the nature of the trade, distribution and storage of perishable products. 

This is taken from a random and anonymous selection of 50 inspection reports: