What did we find during March?

Our report for March is now live and is once again, very interesting.  A national retail average score of 91.91%, where 39 items of fresh produce were downgraded in total across our 2 inspections.

An analysis of food quality benchmarking

We've just concluded the first year of fresh produce quality benchmarking, so it seems a good time to take a look at the data to see what it tells us about the last year in fresh produce. Should you be unaware of the process, we've been purchasing around 50 items of fresh produce from 5 different retailers every fortnight for the past 12 months. 

Our hygiene audits can sometimes make for tough reading, as they do not necessarily pull punches, and even though they are only being used internally by the owners of a food outlet, or those responsible for the food safety and hygiene of the site, they are not much use if we don't say what needs to be said in the audit report.

Banana Quality

I am sure this is simply coincidence, but what has become clear from those conversations is that many people at different stages of the distribution chain find this most popular of fruit difficult to manage, difficult to distribute and store, and in the case of my family difficult to buy.  Why is this?  Well, there are a few issues when it comes to the banana supply chain which can cause difficulty.

Food Storage and Distribution

Have been delivering training to groups involved in the movement of food of all sorts, including fresh produce as a new venture, and the development of the materials has given a reason to think about the storage and distribution of food, and how it affects quality, particularly of fresh produce.