Grower and Shipper of Mango to Europe

Project Location:
Port in the South of England

Project Duration:
8 Weeks

Product Categories:
Fresh Mango

Programme Details:
FSL carried out inspections on an agreed sample of fruit from every container of fruit that arrived into the UK port during this mango season.  Fruit was sampled from every container, making sure the sample also included fruit of each size and from each grower.

The fruit were checked for quality, using the client’s specification, and also tested for pressure and sugar.  Packaging was assessed to be sure there was not excessive collapsing of boxes, and temperatures of distribution reported.

Information and Reporting:
Data was provided to the customer following each inspection, giving details of all non-conformances and any quality problems found.  Analysis was available by shipment and also by grower code, which was then shared with colleagues at all stages of the supply chain.

Project Results:
Independent monitoring of quality and standards has resulted in the client being able to communicate the data immediately with growers in the country of origin to implement improvements.  It has also allowed our client to ensure that the right standard of product is sent on to their customers.


Mangoes were checked for sugar and pressure Inspection data was provided via our online platform Mangoes were checked for weight