Case Study

Meat Quality Inspection Programme

Region: UK Wide

Sector: Fresh Vacuum Packed Meat

"Independent inspection programme monitoring the quality of fresh meat supplied to a national managed pub company."

Good quality Meat packaged for retail
The Brief

The client wanted to be able to manage their meat supplier and supply chain better, using independent quality data. They were having specific issues with quality, including cutting standards and defective packaging, affecting very specific product lines and found at different stages of their supply chain, from the supplier factory, through distribution and to the pub kitchens themselves.


The Project

FSL have implemented a meat quality inspection programme that covers all lines of meat being purchased by the client. They are opened and inspected for all aspects of quality during inspections at the supplier factory, to provide complete data on how those products comply with specification. Through distribution, there is a focus on visible quality through the packaging, and the condition of the packaging itself, to assist with reducing the incidences of leaking and slack packs that are found by chefs on delivery.

meat being inspected

The Benefits


All reporting is provided online via our Quality Portal, allowing the client to map meat quality through distribution, and also to compare our independent inspection data with their customer complaints data.


The independent quality data our inspections provide allow the client and their suppliers to review quality on a monthly basis using completely third party data. This provides an even platform when discussing corrective actions.


As the project progresses, a greater level of visibility is being generated about key issues and complaints, such as the level of damage being seen to meat packaging, and where in the supply chain this damage occurs.

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