Case Study

Goods In Inspection Monitoring

Region: UK Wide

Sector: National Contract Caterer

"Inspecting how catering teams follow company procedures for goods in quality checks, for a nationwide contract caterer."

Warehouse picking and handling of fresh produce
The Brief

The client was aware that any discrepancy between promised quality of purchased food products and actual quality was reflected in a direct loss of margin. They therefore wanted to be sure that all personnel at the company’s catering outlets were aware of their responsibility for detailed quality checks prior to accepting goods. They wanted to involve an independent company in this process to ensure impartiality in the data collection.


The Project

FSL conduct inspections and observation at all of the company catering sites, observing the goods in processes and scoring the team on their adherence to the agreed company procedures. All questions are framed with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers to ensure clear and accurate data, with all findings discussed with the team at the conclusion of the inspection. The procedures examined include a range of activities, such as taking weights, checking quantities, using specifications for the inspection, issuing notifications of any failures, monitoring packaging and more.

Handling of food in warehouse 

The Benefits


The client has been able to see a clear and demonstrable increase in procedural compliance over the duration of the project. This results in a reduction in wastage and maintenance of targeted margins.


The team at the outlets being observed have bought into the process wholeheartedly, working hard towards achieving 100% inspections. This has led directly to the improvements observed.


Operational compliance can be demonstrated within the business via the online reporting portal, allowing analysis by site or by activity across multiple sites. This is used for management review.

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