Food Retail Inspections


Inspections carried out by specialists in food quality and retail


Be sure that your products are displayed in the way your business intends


Understand precisely how your operation complies to product quality and display guides


Monitor multiple sites and operations through our online reporting

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Inspect and Improve the Quality of Product In-Store

Independent Inspections

Be sure that the food products you have purchased and distributed with care, are then displayed well, using the plans that your business has devised. Our inspectors have experience with all kinds of food and flowers, assessing in-store or kitchen quality against specification, and inspecting the display itself against any plans you have in place.

Quality and Merchandising

During the inspection we can assess products against specification, either on shelf, in kitchen, or as a purchased sample to inspect destructively off site. We can also give your business solid and independent data on how merchandising plans are observed, out of stock products, packaging and display quality.

Powerful Data and Analysis

Our clients use this data to: Measure and inspect the quality of products on display within stores. Measure the difference in quality between distribution and store or kitchen. Be sure that prominent displays such as flowers follow the correct layout. Monitor the portions being served in catering outlets to maintain margins. Ensure that chilled products such as poultry are stored so as to allow effective refrigeration and maintain food safety.

Food Retail Quality Case Studies

Below we have put together some case studies which go into greater detail about our quality inspection services and how others have benefited. We have outlined a case study for fresh produce, meat and flowers.

Case Study:

Assessment of in-store quality for fresh produce

Case Study:

An inspection of flower quality and merchandising