Data Collection


Use our national team of inspectors to collect any food quality data you need


From temperatures, to samples, to counts or availability, we have the eye for detail


We will provide not only raw data, but detailed online analysis showing you key results


All of our data and sample collection is carried out to strict operating standards

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Food Quality Data From Any Source

Reliable and Accurate

Our inspectors are well trained, and follow a strict procedure for every set of data or samples that is collected during an inspection or assessment. This may be taking a series of temperatures in chilled storage or chiller cabinets to ensure food storage guidelines are being followed, or it may be the collection, preparation and delivery of a series of poultry temperatures for lab analysis.  The data and samples are always treated in the same meticulous way.

Complete and Detailed

During the data collection exercise, we will record all relevant details of the sample or data set: location, date, supplier, product codes, use by codes, relevant personnel and more. This allows you to use the independent data to make real decisions on the performance of your business, distributors and suppliers.

Online Data Management

We will present data via our online portal, which allows you to analyse all elements of the process or operation in question in real time, as soon as the data is processed and approved. The online system allows a wide range of queries, covering all aspect of the data over any set date range. Any samples collected for lab analysis will be prepared according to the lab's handling, bagging and labelling requirements, and dispatch via temperature controlled courier.

Food Data Collection Case Studies

Below we have put together some case studies which go into greater detail about our quality inspection services and how others have benefited. We have outlined a case study for fresh produce, meat and flowers.

Case Study:

Temperature collection, multi locations and products