Case Study

Flower Quality Inspection Programme

Region: UK Wide

Sector: Cut Flower Bouquets

"Fresh Cut Flower Quality Assessment Programme, carried on for a UK multiple retailer."

bouquets of high quality flowers
The Brief

The client wanted to understand the quality of flowers being supplied to their business, in terms of both specification adherence on arrival and of bouquets meeting the stated shelf live in acceptable condition. They wanted to outsource the project, as day to day activities made this difficult for their in house QA team, and there was also a secondary benefit to outsourcing the quality checks to an independent company.


The Project

FSL have implemented a flower quality inspection regime, which covers arrival quality of a range of flower bouquets on arrival at the client’s distribution centre. Bouquets are inspected and graded against specification for a wide range of quality characteristics, including stem count, dropped heads, damaged buds and petal, pest damage etc. A selection of bouquets are also purchased, prepared according to label instructions, and stored in stable conditions until the final stated day of shelf life.

flowers ready for inspection

The Benefits


The client receives detailed reports and data, providing them with completely accurate and independent analysis of both quality of flower bouquets on arrival and final quality at end of shelf life.


The supplier has had access to the final life data, being able to review reports and photographs to see exactly the defects found at the end of life. This has allowed changes to be made to labelling and display dates.


The project has allowed the client and their suppliers to improve quality of the product on arrival, and to ensure that consumers are given the best possible instructions on storage to ensure longest life.

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