Export Quality Inspections


Inspections on your behalf when shipments arrive in the UK


Against the quality standard agreed between buyer and suppliers


Analyse by shipment, exporter, grower or product over a season


Our online data platform shares the quality data safely with those you want

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Monitor Food Quality On Arrival In the United Kingdom

Third Party Quality Inspections

Buyers and suppliers can often be half a world apart, so our independent arrival inspection service is designed to give both parties a clear picture of arrival quality that they can trust and action in order to end up with a better product. We have experience in all kinds of products, including fresh produce, flowers, fresh and frozen meat, prepared foods and more.

A Complete Quality Picture

During the inspection we will record all possible details about the consignment: grower codes, packaging details, consignment volumes, sample volumes, and the precise number of defective packs. This will allow for a completely impartial assessment of quality on completion of the inspection.

Online Data and Analysis

The concise nature of this data allows us to present you with analysis via our online portal, giving you complete visibility of quality. This might be a single consignment that showed quality issues, or a season long analysis of your entire export / import programme for a product or group of products. You can see the data by grower, by receiver, by shipment or by product. This data can then be shared via the online platform with those colleagues you allow access.

Case Studies

Below we have put together some case studies which go into greater detail about our quality inspection services and how others have benefited. We have outlined a case study for fresh produce, meat and flowers.

Case Study:

Fresh produce loss assessments

Case Study:

Seasonal quality inspections and data